Working Basics {Part 2}


A couple of weeks ago, Tash brought you a post about “Working Basics.” You can think of this as the sequel or part 2 to that post. It is basically my own personal take on how you can work your basics.

Tash said, in her own working basics post that, “Most people tend to gravitate towards special purchases… None of those are so great for constant re-wearing. Your wardrobe is “supposed” to be about 70% basic pieces and 30% interest pieces…” I completely agree with this advice; however, that’s not really how I do it (this is another prime example of Tash’s and my differing style opinions). With so many basics I tend to feel boring and black and white so I decided to coin my own shopping technique. Now, I am that person who has the 70% interest or bold pieces and 30% basics. But amidst my changing methods and therefore my changing wardrobe, I had an epiphany: just because something is an interest piece doesn’t mean it’s not also a basic. Actually, my absolute favorite pieces are those that can double as a statement AND basic. Then again, I’ve always liked to put lots of different patterns, fabrics, and accessories together—kind of like a puzzle. So my basics are rarely incredibly basic… that makes sense, right? Sure.


 T-Shirt: Nordstrom Rack (old, also like this one) || Button-down: Forever 21 (here) || Trench-coat: Urban Outfitters (here) || Skirt: Saks Fifth Avenue (old, also like this one) || Booties: Target || Jewelry: Michael Kors Watch & Kendra Scott Ring 

If anyone were to look at my closet they would think that none of the items I have are what you would call a basic—they are all statement pieces—and yet they all go together!

Not many people would think of a brown beaded skirt or a flowered tank top as a basic but because the skirt is a neutral color (brown), and the top, trench, and booties have a consistent color story—it works (refer to my in depth discussion on color story’s in the “Layer me Pretty” post)! Whereas, a floral shirt and a floral skirt would be just too much. Then adding the chambray button-down was just elementary (I don’t think there is any piece of clothing that a chambray shirt won’t go with).


Ok, if your brain is hurting after reading that, you are not alone. I just read over it and am mentally exhausted. But before you shut down your computer and your brain and lose all the data that just entered (teehee, I hope Tash notices I’m trying to be punny), let me leave you with one tip: bold pieces are not something to be feared but something to be challenged by.

Here are some of my favorite “basics” (or lack thereof) at the moment…


Shoes: Anthropologie || Hat: Urban Outfitters (similar here) || Necklace: Anthropologie (similar here) || Clutch: The Look Boutique

Good Luck!

 Xoxo, Emily